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Why chose White Knight Promotions.

Besides providing customer service that is second to none, our competitive pricing policy ensures you achieve maximum value for your promotional budget.

Since our client base is diverse and throughout North America, we take the time to source new and exciting products from the Global Marketplace. We offer a worldwide network of suppliers.

We attend international industry trade shows to stay abreast of the latest trends in promotional products.

White Knight Promotions maintains several online ordering and fulfillment systems for some of our key clients.

Whether you need to solve an immediate need or develop a long term marketing and promotional strategy White Knight Promotions can help your company develop a sound strategy that will be both effective and cost efficient.

What customer service means to us.

It means we do everything possible to make sure that your project goes exactly as planned. We work with you throughout all stages of the process to make sure the project proceeds smoothly. After the items are selected and the order has been placed, we provide continued follow-up so that you are kept advised on your progress of your order. We personally deliver your order direct to you whenever possible to ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

A case in point...

One of our long standing customers is a major participant in the telecommunications industry. When we were first asked to come in and evaluate their promotional advertising requirements it became readily apparent that they needed a complete revision of how they manage they manage this aspect of their business. They were inventoried with over $250,000.00 in promotional products. Our analysis determined that the inventory was so huge and outdated to be unmanageable. Some of the items in their promotional program had not been revised or replaced in years. We are currently managing this program with only $30,000.00 in inventoried promotional products and the products are replaced or reviewed every three months. Reducing the inventory by $220,000.00 obviously is a huge savings for our client. Sales and distribution of their promotional products has dramatically increased now that the products are kept current.


  1. Determine the objective of a promotion.
  2. Work out a plan to achieve it through the use of promotional products.
  3. Source the required items from our comprehensive list of international suppliers.
  4. Or custom design and produce unique items.
  5. Develop support print material such as posters, brochures, fliers and catalogues.
  6. Develop and implement a distribution plan.
  7. See the campaign through to its completion, and
  8. Measure results.